Apollolands helps you live your best life overseas!


Since its establishment in 2016, Apollolands has been committed to building an informative platform for Chinese to enjoy overseas life. It is hoped that through Apolloalnds’ efforts, to eliminate the sense of helplessness, strangeness, and loneliness that Chinese people experience in a foreign country. At present, our services cover 13 countries including the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, etc. We have 1000k users who give us a lot of encouragement with support, we will have more stations created and serve more people who live overseas.

Apollolands’ first product is The Station. In addition to that, we have tech development, branding design, and information-sharing platforms established in early 2019. New services include web development/promotion, marketing material design, and copywriting. By now, there are more than 20k businesses have chosen us to promote their services or products.

To know more about us? Please see our Product Manual 2020.

Product Positioning

Apollolands’ first informative channel, the Station. It is convenient to publish and display various kinds of messages/requests such as problem-solving, buy or sell used stuffs/cars, rent, or lease through WeChat Moment. In addition to this, our Station platform has extended to Mini-Program and website. 


WeChat Moment, Official Account, Mini Program, and the website www.aboluochinese.com


Our systems have the advantages of accurate advertising, optimal solutions, reasonable cost, etc


Users will be provided a high quality of various informative and Ad posts, they can receive useful messages as they required by viewing our platforms.

Time Saver

Each message/request will only need to publish once, and it will be automatically synchronized to all platforms.