Promotion Service

Apollolands promotion service provides multiple platforms to choose from, each platform contains multiple ad formats, clients can find a format that best fits their business.

The Stations

Promotion Mode 1: publish once a day
Promotion Mode 2: publish once every other day
Promotion Mode 3: Flexible date (minimum 6 posts)
Pricing: The ad fee of each Station will be updated according to the number of followers. Please contact us by WeChat ID: ablmarketing1

Promotion Mode 1: slideshow on the homepage(one slide), the most eye-catching position
Promotion Mode 2: a sticky post, the post sticks at the front of the topic page
Promotion Mode 3: click & view ad, it appears in between the regular posts, it will not disappear until the user clicks it
Pricing: Please contact us by WeChat ID: ablmarketing1

Official Account(OA)

Promotion Mode 1: marketing article writing and publishing, or article typesetting and publishing (clients provide articles)
Promotion Mode 2: banner ad, the banner position can be placed before, in-between or after the article paragraph
Promotion Mode 3: article forwarding, the article can be forward to Apollolands chosen Stations
Pricing: please contact our OA team, WeChat ID: ablxinmeiti

User Research 2020

Thank you so much for users who were participating in the 2020 Apollolands User Survey in the US and Canada. Your cooperation helps us to better understand user needs, improve service quality, and present a better Chinese online platform overseas!