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The Apollolands Official Account is powered by WeChat and supported by the Apollolands Station. It is the best platform and partner for business cooperation. The written marketing articles published on the Official Account and viewers can share it with their Moment on the station. The editors are proficient in editing, content organization, and event planning, also responsible for the operation of the Official Accounts and Mini-Program.

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The official account has more than 10,000 users in the United States and Canada, news and interesting topic articles are updated daily.


Our Services

Marketing Article

It concludes client interview, article writing and typesetting, article publishes on Official Account.

Banner Ad

The banner provided by clients places on the chosen position in the article.

Article Forwarding

To gain more exposure, clients can forward the article to the Stations.



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A: The writing service is a brand new article written and edited by our editors; the typesetting service is an article provided by the client, our editors will rearrange the content based on the editorial standards. Both types of articles published on Apollolands Official Account.

A: At least half an hour of editorial interviews. The editor will process graphics, text editing, typesetting, and publishing according to the client requirements. Both parties have copyright. The article can be reused by the client.

A: The article can gain more exposure by forwarding it to service stations.

A: We currently have over 50 service stations in the United States, over 15 service stations in Canada, and other service stations overseas. 

A: We also provide Official Account editing training and hosting managing service.

A: The banner needs to be provided by the client, the appropriate size is 900px*500px, the formats should be jpg, png, or gif.

A: Clients can have a link or article attached to the banner.

A: Apollolands OA Team, WeChat ID: ablxinmeiti

A: It normally takes one week, if the client needs it earlier, please contact us.

A: There is no specific requirement. Generally, a thousand words are more comfortable to read.

A: It is chosen by the client.